Dallan and Mommy aka Jamie

This was my first ever mom and baby shoot and how lucky am I. This little guy was perfection. We started out with a little upset tummy which led to another first…mom being pooped on Haha….have to say it’s those moments in photography that you live for. Those candid real moments of parenting. I’ll share a couple bloopers and the good stuff for you below!

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There isnt an adventure he doesn’t seize.

With Easter around the corner I thought I’d take Leo into the back field for some photos. Although he doesn’t like to sit still for more than a couple seconds…I’m sure if you’ve had a two year old you’re very familiar. But after trying to get these perfectly posed shots of him, I realized this really wasn’t important. Not only that but it didnt depict his true personality. He’s a runner, an explorer, a goofball and that’s exactly what I captured; not the perfect shots that don’t tell the story.