The gift of growing old

Thanks for joining me!

A couple months ago my mother in-law was in town. It was over family day weekend so we made some perogies to celebrate. We played some Ukrainian folk music as my husband and son danced. I decided to capture the perogie making as I figure over the many years, my mother-in law has never had photos taken while she’s rolling the dough and folding it..and with such finesse. She’s done this thousands of’s obvious. But for me, I have only witnessed this a couple of times. She rolls and folds with so much patience. I decided to print off the photos so she’d have some candid memories of our time together. When she saw the pictures of her rolling the dough she said…’oh my old hands’. In that moment I thought about what those hands have been through. The many hugs she’s been gifted, the many delicious meals she’s prepared for friends and family and the laundry she’s folded to clothe her children, the coffee she’s got to embrace every morning. What a gift it is to grow old. 


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